Wake Up with Coach Kim.

It’s Time!

Join our Brand Clarity Mentorship Program. 30 Day commitment.




You Got This.


Must attend one session each month and one group session. Virtually and In person sessions available. At the end of the program each mentee will receive a certificate of completion.


Each mentee will have the opportunity to shadow myself and see first hand how to be a successful entrepreneur.

Are You Ready for a SHIFT?

Are you ready for a SHIFT in your business, life, and relationship with others?  Schedule a clarity session with Kimberly Ann today. She will help equip you on how to restore your life and move to the next level. It's time to release and revive yourself. Ranging from spiritual growth to excelling in your business, we have something to shake you into your NEXT LEVEL. Join Kimberly Ann to help empower you, inspire you, and help align you to receive all of the blessings that are waiting for you.