As an accomplished graphic designer, teacher, cosmetic owner and inspirational speaker, Kimberly Ann

Howard found her voice by writing & speaking about everyday life and obstacles that she has overcame.

She captures her audiences by conveying real life experience and life lessons of discipline and personal

development that can be applied to everyday life. She believes that in order to broaden your knowledge

base, it is imperative to keep up with who you are, your core beliefs, and most importantly your values.


Kimberly challenges audiences to live their lives with purpose, action, faith, and courage. Her focus is on of

personal and professional development, executive coaching, and business development strategies and

training. Kimberly Ann leaves audiences with a sense of empowerment and a call to action that encourages

them to reach their full potential no matter where they came from. She believes that everyone is equipped

to be great. Success and money come with discipline and one decision. To make it happen and not settle

for excuses.


Kimberly Ann has more than 13 years of extensive expertise in marketing, brand development, and graphic

art. A native of Pelican, Louisiana, Kimberly Ann has lived in Phoenix, AZ and now is residing in Irving, TX.

She resides with her loving and energetic family.


Kimberly Ann has seen it all from domestic abuse, poverty, and was a victim of a drive by shooting in August

of 2015. She uses everything that she has been through as motivation to keep to pushing and to inspire

others. Her favorite saying is “Keep pushing, keeping praying, and keep pressing.”