Take Care

Whew, I don't know where to start. But, here I go. 2020 has been a year and it is only April 1st !!! Can we hit the reset button? Send the entire 2020 back to 2989 Sycamore Street. LOL!!! I honestly thought that March would last forever. The coronavirus. The stay at home order. School closed indefinitely. NBA suspended indefinitely. JESUS!!!! So much has happened. The world is at a stand still. Restrictions on everything.

I was reminded that just because we are restricted to travel and go out... that there are not any restrictions on God. No limits no boundaries. His loves endures.

Let me be honest in the midst of this storm, I have been taking care of myself better. I have been listening to my body and taking the steps to remain healthy and active. To be truthful, I have had time during isolation to take care of Kimberly.

I scheduled an appointment a few weeks ago and got a physical. I got the entire exam. Head to toe. Whew, women have to go through so much. But, it is so worth it. In order for me to be there for others, I must also show up for myself. Ya'll I have even been taking my medicine and eating better. I know that my doctor's will be excited to hear this. Who would have known that this would make me want to do better?

Also, I have been reading. Here are my current reads. These books help me to take my mind off of the world and social media. There's nothing like a good book. These authors are amazing. You should definitely purchase their books. Their contact info is on my Facebook.

I have also been spending time with God. Praying, meditating, writing, and staying in the word. I fight my battles on my knees in prayer. There's nothing too hard for God.

So much has been happening to distract me, but I know that Isaiah 26:3 says, " You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust you. This storm will not distract me from God. There is a purpose in this chaos. We have to keep holding on to God. I've been writing my prayers in placing them in my prayer box. This helps me heal and allow me to honest with God. "My notes to Him."

Besides praying, I enjoy my nice long baths. This is time that I just breathe and tuned everything out. I have to use my favorite from Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Collection.

What are you doing to take care of yourself?

I pray that this will inspires you to spend time with God and yourself.


Kimberly Ann


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